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Trans Women face more difficulties in Latin America than any part of the world. In most of these countries, Trans People don’t have access to education, work opportunities, housing and medical services due to Transphobia an uncheck form of discrimination. Mexico, one of the biggest countries in Latin America had recently approved laws that protects LGBT Communities, however; TransGender & Transsexual people are left behind in the constitution. Unfortunately, Mexico has one of the highest rates of murders towards transwomen around the world. The law hasn’t been reinforced to persecute these crimes. In spite of the challenges, there are TransWomen who are empowered in the Mexican Society, they decided to be and live as they feel, and found respect, acceptance, love, and professional opportunities. TransMexico is a film in which explores the lives of these women working, loving, and living in Mexico. The film explores various aspects of their life, such as profession, family, friends, culture, society, and last but no least….the Republic of Mexico itself.

                                                           Purpose of TransMexico:

* This is a Project that helps to bring awareness to the dangers and discrimination transgender women face in Mexico and in the world every day. 

*It will document the incredible lives of some of these women, a true testament to their courage and their desire to simply live a normal life.

*Fueled by misconceptions about transgender women, hate filled crimes are climbing in Mexican cities, posing a huge risk to their livelihoods and lives. Through this film and the women who are taking part in it, we are hoping to shift the global perception of transgender individuals, giving them a voice and a chance at living the life they desire.

*The Documentary motivates and encourages the population at large, BUT specially the Trans Community because the message is "No matter where you are from, or where you live, you can pursue your dreams and goals" and these stories are examples of it.

Film Documentary

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